Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gather your family's support

Camping is all about getting away. No responsibilities for a whole weekend or longer! Usually when the gals camp-out it's no husbands, no dogs, and no kids... but I noticed nearly every girl's trailer has a picture of their husband who is supporting their crazy notion that they can Camp Like A Girl.

Above is the picture with my husband that I hang in my trailer when I travel. If I stay gone long enough I start to miss him - not the laundry, dishes, or cooking .... just him.

To be honest with you I would have a hard time, not impossible, but hard time enjoying camping or anything else if my husband wasn't behind me in my adventures. Not the case for everyone but that's how we Magee's roll!

My husband thought camping was a passing fancy. He was pretty sure I would move on to something else if he drug his feet about buying me a small trailer. He isn't mean-spirited, he just knows me very very well after 37 years of marriage. Afterall I have closets full of unfinished projects. Anyone looking for macrame supplies let me know.

Eventually he got onboard with the idea after he realized I was having so much fun attending camp-outs even though I was staying in hotels. It didn't hurt that our Pastor bought his wife a darling trailer and even helped her restore it.

Awwww God works in mysterious ways!